Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
It is said that the road to success starts with a good mentor. I've not only found the right mentor but gained a lifelong friend.
Credit goes to the dedicated instructors, Youhao and Wong, for their unwavering passion in aviation and their generosity in the sharing of knowledge. They ensure that no stone is left unturned.
Personally, ground school started off as a challenge. The learning curve was steep, especially without any prior knowledge. However, Youhao's methodologies for tackling each subject were thorough and succinct. They allowed me to grasp the basics of aviation in the shortest time possible. Lessons were well structured and were delivered conscientiously to make sure we have a firm foundation. Tougher subjects and concepts were also simplified and deconstructed lucidly.
On top of that, I recall Youhao staying back after class to tutor me one to one to explain and ensure I understood what was taught earlier. His act of going above and beyond just to make sure I grasp the concept was something I am very grateful for.
Youhao also constantly pushes us to always exceed expectations. While he is strict and practices tough love, he does it only for our best interests at heart. As with all parents, they are doing it for our own good.
The 6 months in Revion has gone past in the blink of an eye. I've gained so much from Revion in both soft and hard skills, and now I'm proud and fortunate to be a part of the Revion family.
Revion Ground School Graduate
Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot
My experience with Revion Ground School was one that stemmed from a well structure program from start to the end which eased the intensity of the ground school. The learning flow of the 14 ATPL subjects were structured in a progressive manner to accommodate even those without any prior knowledge.
Beside using the PadPilot, the instructors personally prepared and customised most of the course material. The syllabus was summarised into digestible formats and incorporated information that would have been useful by the time we join the airlines. On top of that, Youhao also organised trips to the Airbus Asia Training Centre, aerodrome control tower and meteorological stations to further aid in our understanding of the subjects taught.
Aside from Youhao, Mr Wong was also a patient and knowledgeable mentor who was ever ready to share his many years of experience with us. Many of these were certainly not found in the textbook and will be carried with us throughout our career!
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
I did not know the existence of Revion until I heard about it from my groupmates at Scoot Cadet Pilot Programme Assessment Centre.
At that time, Revion Ground School was relatively new and there wasn't much marketing. However, I decided to pursue my CPL through Revion Ground School and I am thankful that I have made the right choice and I did not regret it.
Questions that couldn't be answered in the class were addressed as soon as the next day or even on the same day after class. Youhao organised trips to Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC), Seletar Control Tower and also Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) to enhance our learning.
Youhao ensures that the students' welfare is well taken care of. The saying of 'work hard, play hard' couldn't have fitted any better to the planning of the curriculum.
I definitely recommend Revion Ground School for those looking to pursue their CAAS licence. Not only will you be more knowledgeable, but you will also definitely enjoy your time there.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
I would like to thank Revion Ground School for providing me with this opportunity to kick start my commercial pilot career and filling me with a great depth of aviation knowledge.
This 10-months journey is indeed very challenging but with Youhao's dedication and high standards, I would say it is definitely a fruitful and memorable one.
For those inspiring cadets who are considering Revion, rest assured that you will be in good hands. With Youhao's endless effort in collaboration, Revion will soon be the best aviation ground school in Singapore.
Let your dreams take flight with Revion, a place second to none!!
Revion Ground School Graduate
Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot
I personally did not have the chance to attend other ground schools hence I won't be able to make any comparison whether which is better. But one thing for sure that I know, starting with Revion Ground School was a wonderful start to begin with, stepping into the world of aviation.
Coming from an IT background, without any prior aviation knowledge, it was through Revion that my knowledge propelled so much over such a short period of time and I am truly thankful for that.
Now that I am having my flight training with L3 in Hamilton (New Zealand), ground school has prepared me well and it is akin to filling in all the missing puzzles from the practical experiences.
Under the management of Youhao, you will be in good hands.
Let your dreams take flight with Revion, it's now or never.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
I was previously from another existing local flight training organisation, but due to various problems and delays, I decided to join Revion Ground School and L3 CTS Airline Academy to pursue my CAAS CPL MEIR with frozen ATPL.
Youhao is a devoted and dedicated instructor who always thinks about his cadets' welfare. He always put himself in the cadet's situation and tries his very best to help them.
He made the ATPL modules comprehensive yet easy to understand and planned the course structure in a manner that is meant for the optimal progression of the cadet. He has extensive knowledge on the subject matter and it can be noted in the way he executes his lessons and handle queries. 
Youhao is also a strong believer in Experiential Learning. He made arrangements to places such as the Seletar Airport Control Tower, Airbus Asia Training Centre and Meteorological Service Singapore for his cadets to experience the daily aspects of a pilot. Occasionally, he would invite pilots from the various airlines to share about their experiences and provide advice.
In addition to motivating his cadets, he held celebrations to relax and enjoy upon completion of each ATPL phase in order to boost the morale of the cadets and empower them to conquer the next.
Youhao had been more than an instructor from the beginning. He is a mentor and a close friend. My journey truly has been rewarding and enjoyable. I will definitely recommend Revion as your choice of school for your CAAS ATPL Theory.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
One of the first things you'll notice as a cadet of Revion is Youhao's passion and dedication. He works tirelessly to ensure that students are not just able to pass their examinations but goes beyond that to ensure that we fully comprehend and internalize all the topics and content taught.
He takes a very different approach to learning in ensuring that students gain knowledge useful for their careers and are building up the right attitudes as well instead of simply learning what is required to get through the papers.
I remember that he once called in a favour with a friend at a local airline just to show us how an FMS worked in a real-life setting in the form of a video.
Revion also goes beyond just learning in the classroom. Youhao has arranged for numerous class trips to different places of interest such as the Seletar Airport Control Tower, Airbus Asia Training Centre, Meteorological Service Singapore and more. These trips help keep us motivated throughout the ground school phase and gives us a glimpse of what goes on in the different areas of aviation.
With all this said, I definitely recommend Revion as your choice of school for your CAAS ATPL. You'll be hard-pressed to find another school of this quality.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
As a former student of Revion Ground School, I absolutely recommend joining Revion to ensure your commercial pilot career takes off on the right foot. Taking the first step into pursuing a career as a commercial pilot can be very daunting and difficult especially with the many factors involved. However, joining Revion was a no-brainer for me knowing what Revion can offer.
During my time here, I have learnt many things both in and out of the classroom about the aviation and its ever-growing industry. Youhao is both an excellent friend and mentor who definitely will be able to guide you through the ups and downs of this journey.
My time in Revion Ground School was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed through the tough and the good times. I am excited to watch Youhao continue to grow and take Revion to greater heights.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
I didn't know what to expect when I started ground school with Revion. Ground School isn't easy but it isn't impossible.
Under the well-dedicated guidance of our instructor, rest assured that you will be in good hands. Youhao's unorthodox beyond the classroom teaching methods allow us to appreciate the aviation industry more with organised field trips to Seletar Airport Control Tower, Meteorological Service Singapore and Airbus Asia Training Centre. Not only does it give us a motivational booster in this journey but also provide an eye-opener to places that some of us don't have an opportunity to step into.
Youhao is a devoted and dedicated instructor who wants the best for his cadets. Always giving us assurances that the planning for the course is well on track and all we have to do is focus on studying and acing the examinations!
The journey I had, coupled with the people I've met is definitely a fruitful and enjoyable one. Revion Ground School not only impart the ATPL knowledge that we require but also soft skills in terms of communication and teamwork.
Revion Ground School Graduate
Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot

The 6 months ATPL (A) ground school at Revion has been a journey of ups and downs. The instructors at Revion are more than capable to prepare you for your career as a pilot. Youhao goes above and beyond to ensure that every cadet is well prepared for the examinations. When I was on medical leave for a month, he made a house visit to ensure that I was not lacking behind the rest of the class. The gesture not only helps me catch up with the class but assure me that I could complete ground school.


The culture at Revion is unlike any other, it had a very positive impact that created great camaraderie between the instructors and cadets.


Revion Ground School is not just about books and studying. The industry visits to places like Meteorological Service Singapore, Seletar Airport Control Tower and Airbus Asia Training Centre, exposes and motivates us as future pilots to the industry.


I would like to thank Youhao for being a patient instructor and RGS06/JSA06/07 for creating a memorable 6 months.


I highly recommend Revion Ground School to be your first step to attain your wings.

Youhao is an excellent and dedicated educator who not only motivates his students but also genuinely cares for them. He has an unbeatable formula for expediting learning and bringing success in the classroom.
I am honoured to have been under the tutelage of Youhao. For anyone who is keen in joining Revion Ground School, I shall say the same words I have been told before; "You will be in good hands".
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
One may feel in doubt at first thought when choosing Revion when it is but the new guy off the street but in reality, Revion is very well-positioned to guide you to be a commercial pilot. Youhao has been nothing but honest, guiding, empathetic and a professional at his job.
The 6 months will be relentless, make no mistake but Revion will make it an incredible and momentous experience, just like what it did for me.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
Revion Ground School Graduate
Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot
When I first received news on being offered a placement in Jetstar's cadet pilot programme, words could never fully express how I felt at that moment. The aviation industry is a fast-paced, highly competitive and volatile environment.
To want to plant yourself in an industry that is affected by almost every major world events, it would only make sense to choose a school that provides a concrete foundation, on which to build your entire career on.
To be forthcoming, I had my reservations towards Revion prior to the commencement date as the school has no track records before our pioneering batch of full-time airline and white-tail cadets.
But boy was I cleared of my doubts right off the bat. Located just a stone throw’s distance away from Seletar airport, the new premises of Revion breathed everything aviation. Classrooms were conducive and the facilities provided ensured an environment which promotes learning.
Revion is the first ground school to introduce Padpilot in Singapore, a digitalised version of the ATPL books that is currently used by leading aviation academies around the world. Gone are the days of lugging around heavy textbooks, all you need is an iPad.
Throughout the lessons, I was able to tell that a lot of effort and time has been put into designing and refining the delivery of the CAAS ATPL syllabus. The pacing of lessons made sure no one was left behind and that no questions were left unanswered.
The instructors bring with them valuable years of industry experience which helped me to understand and appreciate aspects that go beyond the ATPL syllabus. In addition, the school organised learning trips to places such as Airbus Asia Training Center, Meteorological Service Singapore and the Seletar Airport Control Tower to enrich our learning.
The levels of dedication are unparalleled. Youhao and team have done a fantastic job with the place. Assuredly I can say to you, this is where you would want to kick-start your career and I’m sure my batch mates would not hesitate to agree together with me.
It is here that I’ve made many good friends and I will bring with me fond memories to New Zealand where we will complete the flying phase of flight training.
Revion Ground School Graduate
Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot
Revion provided me with a holistic experience that went beyond passing the ATPL examinations. We had much-valued opportunities to hear from and interact with industry professionals, and also went on various visits, which are wonderful, to broaden our aviation horizons.
The instructors had our interests at heart and demonstrated an earnest commitment to our learning. The culture was one of togetherness and openness, where we helped each other and were free to question.
As demanding as ground school is, I still managed to enjoy the journey and have good fun, all thanks to Revion! 
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
Revion Ground School provides a high standard of training and facilities to its cadets. With Youhao as our instructor, the ATPL course was a fun and memorable experience that I will take with me wherever I go.
The course is tailored to, and for the cadets - an aspect I certainly appreciated as everyone has a different way of learning.
If your journey as a pilot is going to begin, there is no better place than to start it with Revion.
Revion Ground School Graduate
Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot
Unlike most, Youhao is a great instructor and an excellent example of how passion is the greatest inspiration. His wealth of knowledge about aviation is displayed in his teaching of all the ATPL subjects.
Even under the immense pressure of ATPL, Youhao constantly strives to teach and inspire in ways that are personally tailored to each individual student, with a "no question is left unanswered" attitude.
The time spent at Revion Ground School was truly an experience like no other that I am glad to have chosen.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
I first got to know Youhao through a mutual friend who used to be one of his students back in SFC. He gave me much needed advice from his own experience when I was deciding to take a risk to embark on this journey right after National Service without going to university first. I decided to take the risk anyway, and thus I started the ATPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course with Youhao at Revion Ground School as a part-time student.
Youhao is a meticulous, dedicated and passionate instructor who taps onto his own flying experience to help students understand concepts better. His style of teaching and interacting with us made ground school less stressful and more fulfilling. Apart from using Padpilot to deliver his lessons, he has also created his own notes that help students revise more efficiently and to reinforce the essential information. He never hesitates to go the extra mile for students, even if it meant trying to find an entirely different method of explaining a certain concept that may not be easily grasped by some of us.
I strongly recommend any aspiring pilots to come to Revion Ground School, as the strong foundation laid down during your time here will be everlasting in your journey towards becoming a commercial pilot.
Youhao is one-of-a-kind instructor who goes above and beyond for his students. His passion for teaching is infectious; theoretical knowledge is second to none and the consistent use of real-world examples are extremely beneficial in understanding the concepts. A sincere gratitude to Youhao for his tutelage, guidance and care for the past 10 months. He is someone whom I will remember for the rest of my life.
Revion Ground School Graduate
L3 CTS Airline Academy Cadet
Revion/L3 CTS Graduate
Scoot A320 Junior First Officer
Youhao's instructional methodology coupled with his experience as a CAAS CPL holder made the learning experience fun and fulfilling.
He has also taken great effort to prepare materials of his own. As such, the delivery for each of his lessons was straightforward and simple to understand. While it may be hard initially to comprehend the technical jargon behind all of the 14 subjects, the lesson objectives were broken down into plain English and made simpler with demonstrations and info-graphics.
I highly recommend Revion as an entry point for any aspiring commercial pilot thinking of pursuing aviation as a lifelong career. 
Revion Ground School Graduate
I was about to give up on being an airline pilot when I found out that I have to complete the daunting CAAS ATPL Theoretical examinations in order to convert my FAA licence to CAAS licence which seems to be too far-fetched for me to accomplish.
Fortunately, I found Revion Ground School after conducting research on the internet. It offers part-time ATPL ground school which provides the flexibility for me to pursue the 'frozen' CAAS ATPL Theory certification and holds a part-time job at the same time.
Youhao is one of the best instructors I have ever had. He makes sure that I fully understand every topic before moving on to the next one. He is an experienced, knowledgeable and helpful instructor who is always there to guide me whenever I needed help.
I would highly recommend Revion Ground School to aspiring pilots who wish to pursue their licence and foreign licence holder who wish to convert their licence.
Revion Ground School Graduate
Former SFC Cadet
Someone said to me, "I suggest you give up your dream of being a pilot. Even if you go to other training schools, you also won't make it. You should start pursuing another career instead of a pilot. Don't waste any more money. If you have a lot of money, buy a jet and go Malaysia to get a PPL. But I can tell you for sure that you can't be a commercial pilot, and no airline will hire you."
Despite being asked to give up, I chose to press on and find alternatives to make my dreams come true. Fortunately, I was recommended to Youhao. Youhao would craft a detailed and systematic learning process and goes the extra mile to make sure that I understand and absorb what the subject is about. For example, creating video animations to illustrate certain topics.
Under his guidance, I have achieved a first-time pass for all the subjects that he has taught. Thanks to Youhao's recommendation, I was also given an opportunity to further my training with a world-renowned school where I can get my CAAS CPL and continue to pursue my dream.
I would recommend Youhao to anyone who is looking for a structured learning environment to learn ATPL.
A320 First Officer
Youhao prepares his own teaching materials which are concise and easily digestible. This together with his teaching methodology, he is able to bring subjects to life while relating to real-world examples; making learning new topics interactive and effortless.
He was patient and ever willing to lend a helping hand whenever we encountered problems understanding certain concepts, even if the subjects might not be under his duty; even to the extent of prolonging his working hours on some days just to assist us in our grasp of the topic.
Even as I move on to my flight training phase, Youhao has been readily approachable to provide advice to myself through any difficulties I may face.
Learning under the supervision of Youhao has been a fun, stress-free yet rewarding experience.
B737 First Officer, Sriwijaya Air
I graduated from International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University, with a CPL with Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating.
Due to some changes and unfortunate circumstances, I was unable to obtain a full ICAO frozen ATPL upon graduation from my course at IAC. At the back of my mind, I knew that I would have to get my frozen ATPL at some point in time if I were to pursue a career as an airline pilot seriously.
Youhao presents his lesson in a very methodical way and delivers all his explanation in a clear and concise way. His lesson planning for the course has always been well-thought-out. We always left the classroom knowing that we are well-prepared and able to face the challenge of the examinations.
During the last stage of the ground school, I decided to left SFC. During that period, I contacted Youhao for his assistance. He readily offered to help me out with my remaining subjects over a few weekends. His action speaks volume of his character.
I had the privilege of attending several subjects under his tutelage and passing all papers with flying colours.
I would not hesitate to recommend Youhao to anyone who wants to take up the ATPL ground school or convert their licence.
B777 First Officer,
Former SFC Cadet
Youhao is a passionate, driven instructor who goes to great personal lengths to ensure that his students are able to understand the concepts being taught and perform well at the examinations. He has a genuine commitment to teaching, which makes his lessons very enjoyable and fruitful.
Professionally, he is extremely detailed and methodical in preparing and conducting his lessons, and his knowledge of the subjects is extremely thorough.
As aviation is a continually and rapidly evolving field, he leaves no stone unturned in improving his own knowledge in order to benefit his cadets.
With his guidance, I was able to perform extremely well for the majority of the subjects he was teaching.
Youhao's teaching was efficient and effective. He was also very helpful and patient with his academically-weaker cadets. Youhao exemplified in-depth knowledge in the subjects that he taught.


Hence, I am impressed with the way he held his classes and would recommend anyone who needs guidance to approach him for help.

B777 First Officer,
Former SFC Cadet
A320 First Officer,
Former SFC Cadet
Youhao leaves no stone unturned in his effort to ensure that his students fully comprehend the subject matter. Not being content with his students merely skimming the surface and rote learning, he often provides additional material which in my opinion, greatly benefits the students by broadening their understanding through practical examples.


I had always felt confident going into the examination room armed with the knowledge for all of the subjects he had very capably taught. His hard work and dedication are commendable.

Youhao was without a doubt the most dedicated ground school instructor. He was knowledgeable, technically apt and displayed a genuine concern for how well my course mates and I did.


He was the only instructor who went out of his way to produce his own course materials based on the CAAS syllabus and updated it based on student feedback, as opposed to most instructors who just used the JAA/EASA syllabus.

A320 First Officer,
Former SFC Cadet
B787 First Officer,
Former SFC Cadet
The subjects taught by Youhao was one of the easiest to comprehend as he can take even the most complicated concept and simplify it so that everyone can understand and apply rather than purely memorise.


Youhao always goes above and beyond the call of duty, willing to help us with subjects outside of his area of responsibility, so much so that we seek him instead of the subject instructor when we encounter difficulties!


It's hard to find an instructor who remains one when office hours are over, but Youhao always avails himself even on weekends to answer any questions and problems we encountered throughout our ground school.

B737 First Officer,
Former SFC Cadet
Youhao's teaching methods are uniquely efficient towards every individual apart from his regular lessons. He is able to quickly identify one's difficulties and always has his ways to instil challenging concepts into our learning processes.
As an instructor, Youhao's commitment to getting answers to our queries and doubts are remarkable. He offers his help to us after school hours, and even if the subjects were not taught by him, a true professional with an amazing passion for teaching.
He keeps a record and feedbacks from all his cadets over his years of instructing and works from these experiences to improve his future lessons for easier facilitation. Definitely, someone, I would recommend to anyone interested in taking up ATPL ground school.
A320 First Officer.
Former SFC Cadet
I highly recommend Youhao for he is a dedicated professional. I am positively sure that many students including myself have been fortunate enough to receive beneficial knowledge through his effective and efficient teachings.


He is definitely a one-of-a-kind instructor who is very helpful and patient especially with his weaker students. I am thankful to have been under his guidance not only in the subjects that I was taught under him but other subjects that I needed advice with as well.


Youhao is an outstanding individual, and I believe that any student would benefit from his mentorship.

Former SIA Cadet Pilot
from SFC
Being a dedicated and responsible instructor, Youhao made sure that all his cadets were able to grasp the concepts even if it means staying back after lessons or conducting extra lessons over the weekends.


Youhao adopts a non-conventional and useful approach in his teaching methodology. It has since proven successful given the good grades that his cadets have achieved in the numerous subjects under his charge.


Definitely a trustworthy and knowledgeable instructor.

Youhao has proved himself to be highly capable. Classes conducted were highly productive, and should there be any gaps in understanding, Youhao leaves no stone unturned when searching for answers to queries, ensuring that no student is left behind.


He is an instructor whom I have had learnt much from, as would anyone who decides to engage his services.

Former SIA Cadet Pilot
from SFC
Former Silkair Cadet Pilot
from SFC
I was fortunate to have Youhao as my ground instructor.
Besides his humbleness and passion for flying, his dedication to helping his students achieve their dreams of flying left me impressed. He had no qualms about spending extra hours after class to coach the weaker students and was relentless in ensuring that he communicated the theories as effectively to his students as possible using practical examples.
It was evident that during his lessons, Youhao was also keen to learn from us as much as we were to learn from him. He was constantly looking to improve his teaching methods to address gaps that students might face as a result of a lack of flying experience.
He came across as a very approachable friend whom I can look to for advice not just in class, but out of school as well. This was reassuring and was important to me during my learning journey as a cadet pilot.
I hope Youhao will continue on his endeavours and be given opportunities to inspire other aspiring cadets. It was a great pleasure to be taught and mentored by him.
Former Private Cadet Pilot
from SFC
Youhao was an excellent mentor to us cadets. He was extremely approachable and understood the needs of cadets well.


You were guaranteed to pass any subject that he taught, without exception. Back then, we quite secretly hoped that he would take a majority of our subjects.


Youhao would also go above and beyond his responsibilities of teaching his own subjects. We would approach him instead of our other instructors for advice and clarification when we did not understand complicated concepts or were struggling with the harder topics. Indeed, Youhao proved invaluable and was a key reason why we passed our CAAS exams.


It is heartening to see that Youhao has started up his own ground school. He offers time flexibility for those who have external commitments. Under his excellent mentorship, students would confidently pass the CAAS exams.


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