100% Need-Blind Admission

We admit cadets based on their ability to thrive and contribute to Revion, not based on their ability to fund training.

In A Nutshell, What We Look For

We consider each application with care.

Our process is a cadet-centered process, not against other applicants; each applicant stands on their own. It's really the match between you and Revion that drives our selection process.

Growth & Potential

Have you reached your maximum personal potential?


You should be invested in the things that really mean something to you.

Personal Character

What about your maturity, character, leadership, and grace under pressure?

Collaborative & Cooperative Spirit

If you enjoy working alone all the time, that's completely valid, but you might not be particularly happy at Revion.

Character of the Revion Community

Our community is comprised of people who take care of one another and lift each other up, who inspire each other to work and dream beyond their potential. We are looking to admit people who by nature will sustain the qualities of this community.

Application Process

Application Deadlines

For 2021 Intakes

The dates given below are tentative and are subject to change.



May 2021 Intake (Part-Time)

The application deadline is

30 April 2021.



July 2021 Intake (Full-Time)

The application deadline is

09 May 2021.

Course Details


Duration: 10 months (up to 12 months)

Schedule: Every Mon, Wed, Fri

Time: 1900 hr - 2200 hr


Duration: 5.5 months

Schedule: Every Mon to Fri

Time: 0845 hr - 1615 hr


CO. REG. NO. 201801676K

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