Trusted Training Provider of the Highest Caliber Pilots

Jetstar Asia, Jetstar cadet pilot program

"Over the last 3 years, Revion had performed beyond the expectations of both L3 Harris and Jetstar Asia. In my many discussions with L3 Harris management, they had expressed high regard and satisfaction with the standard of training provided by Revion. Students studied with Revion and have successfully completed their CAAS CPL examinations have also reported that they are impressed by the professionalism of Revion’s training staff and their high standard of training.

Revion is doing the local aviation industry proud by providing a high standard of ground training that is comparable to some of the more established flying training schools in other parts of the world. In equipping our young pilots with strong aviation knowledge, Revion is also helping to raise the safety standards of our local pilots community. I would gladly recommend Revion to any individual or organisation looking to work with a credible ground training school in Singapore."

- Chan Choy Kee
Head of Flying Operations
Jetstar Asia (2004-2020)

Trusted Business Partner

"The establishment of Revion as a successful flight training ground school is due to Youhao's vision, energy, and commitment to commercial aviation in Singapore. He initiated the contact with CTC Aviation and then built Revion up into the successful school that it has become through his tenacity, perseverance, and hard work. He was also instrumental in CTC Aviation/L3 Harris achieving a contract with Jetstar Asia to train pilots for this reputable airline in Singapore.

In my capacity as Academy Director for CTC Aviation/L3 Harris in New Zealand, I found Youhao very good to work with. He plans ahead with foresight, is a good communicator, acts promptly to identify and manage issues, and works hard at maintaining positive relationships with all stakeholders.

As a result of my business interactions with him and his energetic, positive attitude, I highly recommend Youhao to companies looking to work with Revion in the provision of commercial pilot ground school services.

- Peter Stockwell
Academy Director (NZ)
CTC Aviation/L3 Harris (2014-2020)