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Revion Scholarship for Women

We offer financial support to the most suitable and deserving female candidates with the potential to become commercial airline pilots and to promote gender diversity.

Did You Know?
Female pilots make up less than 1% of Singapore's total pilot population, which is lower than the global figure of 5% of pilots worldwide.

Enabling You To Reach Your Aspirations, Bond-Free!

Revion is probably the first pilot training school in Asia to offer scholarships to aspiring Singaporean female pilots.

Worth up to S$300,000 a year, the scholarship is bond-free. We will offer up to 10 scholarships to aspiring Singaporean female pilots each year.

What Does It Cover?
Value: Ground school tuition fees exclude flight training fees.

It covers all tuition fees and remedial training (if required), excluding study materials and examinations.
It does not cover all flight training-related fees of AU$141,550.00 inc. GST.
 (click here for real-time currency exchange rate)

Application Deadline


January 2024 Intake (Part-Time)
The application deadline is
10 December 2023.

Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply in a subsequent year. Please exercise judgment in deciding if you have made any significant changes since your prior application. 

Am I Eligible?

  • You must be a Singapore Citizen and at least 18 years of age at the time of application.

  • You must apply for admission to the part-time ATPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course at Revion and the full-time flight training program with our training partner (Flight Training Adelaide).

Our Recipients

Our scholarship recipients share their experience with you. Click on their profile to hear from them.


Revion Ground School Graduate

Pei Han

Revion Ground School Graduate

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