Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot Programme

Jetstar Asia is looking for pilots who are exceptional leaders, able to thrive in a team environment, live their brand values and who demonstrate composure, confidence and maturity.


In February 2018, Jetstar Asia has partnered with L3 Commercial Training Solution (CTS) for the Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot Programme.


L3 CTS partnered with Revion Grond School to conduct ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Course. Upon completion of ground school, you will then join L3 CTS' Training Center at Hamilton, New Zealand, to further your training towards the conferment of CAAS CPL MEIR. Thereafter, you will continue your training with Jetstar Asia to complete further advanced training including an A320 aircraft type rating.


This is a unique opportunity for aspiring A320 pilots to start a rewarding career with Jetstar Asia and become a part of a dynamic team that genuinely enjoy life for all its worth.

Jetstar Asia Cadet Pilot Programme