Customised Corporate Training

We begin with the content of our existing courses, then work with you to select appropriate complementary topics and areas of focus based on the challenges of your organisation.


We are able to adapt our programs to meet professional development goals across organisations of all sizes and types, and to address the specialized needs of your organisation.


Five Phases 

1. Diagnose

  • The objective of this phase is to ensure that we have a solid understanding of the organisation, its development needs and how specific delivery would fit in with and add value to its overall direction and strategy.


2. Design

  • The objective of this phase is to incorporate the enhanced understanding gained during the diagnose phase into a high-impact, fully customised programme. Here we articulate the structure, the content and teaching methods of the programme - and create a detailed proposal for the delivery.


3. Develop

  • The development phase involves creating new programme materials based on proven theories and past empirical findings.


4. Deliver

  • There is no fixed teaching method at Revion and the learning approach will be one that we believe will have the most impact on your executives.


5. Debrief

  • To understand the impact of the programme and to improve further delivery we get feedback both during and after delivery. We work with you to measure and evaluate the results at the end of each programme.


If you have any questions about our Customised Corporate Training, please get in touch with us and find out how Revion can deliver tailor-made corporate solutions for your organisation.

Our Corporate Client

"It was a pleasure and great honor to have the opportunity to work with Youhao at the Revion Ground School who has done amazing things to help people achieve their goals. He is very kind, supportive and patient while providing custom aviation domain training to our team who has benefited greatly from the new knowledge. His continuous support outside the training really showed how passionate he is about his vision."
- Dr. Anya Traille
Decision Scientist (Innovation Team Leader)
Rolls-Royce, R2 Data Labs, Singapore


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