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We Turn Your Aspiration Into Reality


Photo taken by Barrie Hocking, Instructor at FTA

In partnership with Flight Training Adelaide, we provide you access to unparalleled yet affordable training and turn your dream of becoming a pilot into a reality.

Revion. Like No Other.


Save more than 30% compared to other local training organisations.


Robust and comprehensive program that meets CASA and CAAS CPL MEIR requirements.


Ground school training provider for airline cadet pilot program.


Outstanding graduates will be recommended to our airline partner.

Revion Ground School is Singapore's first pilot training school shortlisted by Singapore Government to represent Aviation Industry as a featured story on the "Future Economy".

Why We Exist

At Revion Ground School, your dream of becoming a pilot has never been more possible.

We understand first-hand the challenges you will face as an aspiring pilot. We constantly strive to make your dream possible by removing barriers to entry.

Carpe Diem: Don't Postpone Your Dream

It only takes a minute to change your life!

The minute you decide to go after your dream is the minute you change your life.

Today's Aspiration, Tomorrow's Achievement

Envisioning tomorrow's achievements for the future and turning them into a reality is possible - only if you take action today!

Wherever You Are, Your Next Journey Starts Here





A Journey Like No Other

Chun Hsiang, Jetstar Asia Cadet

Revion provided me with a holistic experience beyond passing the ATPL examinations. The culture was of togetherness and openness; we helped each other and were free to question.

Jovy Fung, Revion Graduate

The learning curve was steep, especially without any prior knowledge. However, the methodologies for tackling each subject were thorough and succinct. I've gained so much from Revion in soft and hard skills