David Clark ONE-X Series headsets provide advanced comfort and technology features in a sleek, low-profile design. You'll have the sound performance and durability you need, with the comfort you demand.

David Clark ONE-X Aviation Headset

    • Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation - Provides best- in-class active noise cancellation
    • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology - Seamless integration for connection to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal devices
    • Fail-Safe Operation - Ensures full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology - Provides high fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
    • Audio Mute - Reduces auxiliary audio volume and prevents missed communications
    • Stereo/Mono Selection - Compatible with all aircraft audio panel configurations
    • Five-Year Warranty - Backed by industry leading customer service
    • TSO approval C-139a
  • Ear coupling Around-the-ear (Circumaural)
    Hardware Lightweight Alloy
    Connector Type Standard dual GA plugs
    Connection Cable 4-mm OD shielded cable, length ~ 1.8 m
    Weight w/o cable ~ 349 g
    Battery life Up to 50 hours (2x AA batteries)
    Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
    Operating voltage 3VDC (2x AA)
    Dome type ABS
    Characteristic SPL ~95 dB SPL @ maximum volume nominal
    Contact pressure ~ 6.2 N
    ENC peak attenuation 30dB @ 150Hz
    ENC attenuation range 20Hz―1KHz
    Total harmonic distortion < 1% - 110 dB SPL (300 - 3,000 Hz)
    Ear Transducer principle Dynamic
    Ear Impedance 150 Ω mono / 300 Ω stereo (each ear)
    Ear Freq Response 12 - 15,000 Hz
    Microphone principle Electret, noise-cancelling
    Mic Impedance 150Ω nominal
    Mic Sensitivity 400mV+/-6dB into 150Ω load
    Mic Freq Response 150 - 8,000 Hz
    Mic DC Supply V. 8-16V, not polarity sensitive
    Source Resistance 470Ω


CO. REG. NO. 201801676K