The CRP-5 is manufactured to the exacting standards demanded by commercial pilot training organisations to give a lifetime's performance. Designed particularly for the professional pilot, it includes all necessary functions for the commercial and airline transport pilot examinations.

CRP-5 Flight Computer

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    • Calculation and conversion of temperature, time, distance, volume, altitude, speed, weight, fuel, endurance, multiplication and division, 1 in 60 rule, compressibility correction etc.


    • Coloured scales and lettering enhance operation and clarity. Wind triangle side incorporating sliding scale with speed range of 40-1000 and measuring scales on outside edges of 1:500,000 NM, 1:250,000 NM, Inches and mm.


    • Clear rotating disc for lead pencil plotting.


    • Calculation of heading and groundspeed, wind velocity, head and crosswind components etc.


CO. REG. NO. 201801676K