Our Logo

The Original Logo

When Revion Ground School was founded on 1 March 2016, the original logo is marked by a wing symbolise 'Let your dreams take flight'.

Revion got its name by combining Rêves (French for dreams), and Avion (French for aeroplane).

The Helvetica font was chosen for the word REVION GROUND SCHOOL for its clean look; its colour reflects reliability.

The New Logo

In May 2017, we launched the new logo that captures our strong belief in people-centric approach. The new logo is about more than just a logo. It's about defining what sort of training school we are, what we stand for.


The logo is marked by an overlapping dark blue arrow and turquoise arrow, and a solid amethyst arrow.


The two overlapping arrows (hand-in-hand) symbolise helping aspiring pilots to achieve their dreams; working diligently with our collaborators, governments, airlines and other businesses to help aspiring pilots lessen their burden and contribute to their success; its colours signify integrity, genuine, empathy, and communication.

The solid amethyst arrow symbolises selflessness as our main core value.


The Garamond font is chosen for the word REVION GROUND SCHOOL for its professional look; its colour reflects reliability; its boldness emphasises our strong commitment to the pursuit of providing affordable training of highest professional standards and values for all aspiring pilots. 


The dark red tagline symbolises passion and courage.


CO. REG. NO. 201801676K