Our Story

Many airlines are shifting towards self-sponsored scheme and due to the prohibitive cost of training, this had led to a two-tier system, favouring those less talented but from privileged backgrounds while those who are more talented but from less privileged backgrounds are put off by the prospect of huge debts. Youhao Toh, the founder of Revion Ground School, was a self-sponsored cadet himself and understands first-hand the difficulties faced by others.


Revion Ground School was founded with an unwavering mission. We focus on maximising values rather than maximising profits and as a result, aspiring pilots and training quality will not be sacrificed at the altar of profits. Together with our people-centric approach, we can resolve most of the difficulties that aspiring pilots might face.


In order to provide our students with an opportunity to train with a world-renowned flight training organisation, we collaborate with L3 CTS Airline Academy, Hamilton, to provide flight training leading to the conferment of CAAS CPL MEIR (Commercial Pilot Licence with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating endorsement).


Revion is Singapore's first pilot training school:

  • that conducts part-time CAAS ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Course and the Online Distance Learning Course, where aspiring pilots do not have to leave their full-time job during the ground school;

  • where aspiring pilots can use their SkillsFuture Credit to offset the Course Fee;

  • not only in Singapore but first in Asia, to form a partnership with Padpilot, a leading publisher of digital aviation training materials where trainees can take advantage of the state-of-the-art learning technology to aid in learning and retention of difficult and complex subjects;

  • to launch its first-ever Scholarship for Women who dream of becoming a pilot, to promote gender equality.

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